How to Get Users and Grow - Alex Schultz

In this video, Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook talks about how companies can expand their growth channels, what to focus on (hint: retention) and why it's so important to get people to that magic moment where they say "aha, I got it!"

Layers of Growth

Easy to follow video showing how companies can layer growth by building functions and products that complement the original function or product. While examples given are of large companies, the same strategy can be applied to smaller ones.

Gustaf Alstromer - How to Get Users and Grow

Communicate with Users, Build Something They Want - Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt

Ryan talks about how he started Product Hunt from a mailing list, how he grew it initially with press exposure and followed up with makers on Twitter to lead to more growth.

Success Tips You Can Learn from In-N-Out, Apple, and Other Billion-Dollar Companies

What do billion dollar companies have in common? They focus on essentials. In this video, Noah Kagan talks about why it's so critical to focus on essentials - the things that work, while setting aside anything else that doesn't. How can you apply this to your company?

Finding A Technical Co-Founder Or Developer For Your Startup

Some information on how to handle searching for a technical co-founder: have expertise, validate your idea first, offer significant equity, preferably come funded.

How to Find Product Market Fit - Weebly

David Rusenko from Weebly talks about how the company found product market fit.

How I Grew an 8-Figure Business — and How You Can Too

You'll learn the 13 strategies, tips, and methods we used to hit 8 figures. Use these EXACT tips yourself. You can trust the strategies I share in this video have been tested and actually work.

How Much Equity to Give Your Cofounder - Michael Seibel

Y Combinator CEO and Partner Michael Seibel on splitting equity between cofounders.

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